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Pixels are the building blocks of digital creative. Similarly, our unparalleled Creative Services have proven time and again to be the foundation of award-winning campaigns.
Cross-Screen Formats. Impactful Creative. Standout Storytelling.

Undertone has been providing high impact digital solutions to its brand clients for years. At PIXL Studios, we've been working our magic behind the scenes on the creative, devising unique executions to make our clients truly stand out.


Undertone's suite of high impact formats provides the canvas; PIXL Studios provides the artistry & execution.

  • PageGrabber X™

    An immersive cross-screen full-page takeover unit.

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  • ScreenShift®

    The industry's first responsive push down unit.

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  • Rising Stars

    The IAB Rising Star units for desktop and mobile.

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  • Mobile

    Mobile solutions designed for brands.

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FORMAT: PageGrabber XTM / Rising Star

OBJECTIVE: To promote the launch of the Fall brand campaign, which celebrates Fearless Style and invites consumers to take the stage across social and digital platforms, we showcased video and social media functionality across all devices.- Jessica Helm, Senior Designer

FORMAT: UMotion™ / ScreenShift®

OBJECTIVE: Our goal for this campaign was to include the user in the overall experience through interaction and participation. To do this we designed the creative around motion and invited the user to use their cursor or shake their phone like a spray can.- Dayna Hall, Art Director

FORMAT: PageGrabber®

OBJECTIVE: This PageGrabber is a perfect example of how impactful we can make an ad when we have the right assets to make the brand come alive. Our production team beautifully executed the opening animation and the final product really stands out.- Jason Sifre, Creative Designer

FORMAT: PageGrabber™ X with Parallax

OBJECTIVE: We're always exploring new technologies to find the balance between what is possible and what brings value to brand experience. Using the motion sensors in mobile devices we created an intuitive interface to explore the characters in the movie.- Daniel Englert, Senior Creative Developer

FORMAT: PageGrabber®

OBJECTIVE: With a playful TV spot in our back pocket, we were challenged to apply the "never-surrender" attitude of the Mentos knight into an engaging game. This execution delivered a fun, interactive experience that brought the TV commercial to life. - Jason Sifre, Creative Designer

FORMAT: ScreenShift® / Rising Star

OBJECTIVE: From concept and design to development and implementation, every project is unique in its deliverables and goals. To support the overall vision, we worked closely with the client to create a multi-unit digital campaign.- RJ Turchick, Project Manager

FORMAT: PageGrabber®

OBJECTIVE: Every floor is a dance floor in the "Fun On Top" campaign. Inspired by the client's TV spot, we carried this story through with an energetic and inviting digital takeover, resulting in thousands of shares and toasts.- Dayna Hall, Art Director

FORMAT: ScreenShift®

OBJECTIVE: After we launched ScreenShift, clients quickly saw its interactive potential and asked to combine it with social features from our other products. We scrambled to port the functionality, but we pulled it off.- Crow Norlander, Software Engineer

FORMAT: PageGrabber XTM / Rising Star

OBJECTIVE: Our team specializes in making digital come to life. We worked with and configured the client's concept into a standout experience that perfectly aligned with the launch of their bold, new, pumped up mascara.- Judi Sherman, Creative Director